Holliday in village near Kiev.

We invite you to the village in Kyiv region. You can arrive from May to November to us. Fresh vegetables and fruits, village life and atmosphere,nature, fresh air, tranquility you  find here!
Green, eco-tourism - is active in the countryside on the territory of natural landscapes, the house owners or individual cottages. This is not only a holiday in farmhouse. Rural, green tourism is fishing, gathering medicinal plants, mushrooms and berries opportunity to observe the flora and fauna, to get acquainted with the traditions of a particular region, to experience the relationship between man and nature....
1. Natural food.Under natural food meant eating only fresh organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries, nuts, grains, honey, dried fruit. 
2. Exercise - work in the garden, the garden, around the house.  
3. Walking barefoot on the ground (in the summer) Without shoes, human foot is exposed to abundant natural massage.The importance of this massage - is undeniable, as the soles are nerve endings, the impact of which has a positive effect on the operation of all internal organs. On the stimulation of nerve endings based technique of acupuncture in the leg. Not least as the energy component acting at the moment of contact between the ground and exposed human foot.
 4.  The Sounds Of Nature (summer).5. Walking at the village and its surroundings, chatting with the local people.
2 hours by bus along a scenic road from Kiev  (from the bus station in Kiev.)
We can pick up you by our car too!