Base of rest in the Mongolian style near Kiev

Mongolia is a country of Sands, sheep flocks, snow-white yurts, indigenous culture, unique cuisine and Genghis Khan. Traditional music is fascinating, Mongolian cuisine is astonishing,vicinity to nature enraptures.The camp of green tourism "Shchilin" offers you to lose yourself in the magical world of Mongolia. Only here, in the highest and the most beautiful point of Kiev region - Yatski village in Vasylkiv district, you will be able to dissolve in the atmosphere of Mongolian culture and the way of life. In the territory of the Mongolian town you can spend time with your friends, beloved  person and even the whole family. Everyone will find something for himself.
        In the territory of camp there is a wonderful restaurant with first-rate chefs who know the ropes about the traditional Mongolian and European cuisine. Dishes of Georgian, Azerbaijani  and Huzul cuisine instantly win the hearts of visitors, bronze utensils and a large beech-wood oven  will make you closer to the distinctiveness of this region. The main restaurant hall is a real big Yurt. Comfortable low tables allow you  not only to sit but to sit in reclining position. Traditional interior and background music will bring  you to faraway Mongolia. You can not only listen to music, but you can sing your favourite songs in karaoke.
      There is everything that you need for relaxing - an equestrian club, billiard and poker tables, karaoke, lakes and wonderful pier. Houses-yurts, that are located in the territory of the camp, are equipped with all necessities for good rest and relaxation. Clean air, the absence of traffic routes and the location of the camp "Shchilin" make it an ideal place for family holidays. Our staff will take care of your comfort, and the time, spent in a Mongolian town, will bring to your life unforgettable memories. Visited our camp of green tourism once, you will become our regular visitors!